About Us

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About Us

Coastal Techno Serve CTS is a privately owned company actually constituted and authorized to do business under the laws of the United States of America. Company established with the owner experience for almost 13 years in upstream & downstream service whose primary aim is to engage in Engineering, Technical consultancy Services, Maintenance & Repair in Oil & Gas facilities, Refineries, Storage Facilities and Petrochemical Plants.

Our company intends to provide Oil & Gas field support and services to the national and international Oil Companies in exploration and production activities.

CTS Company started with the philosophy of starting and completing the projects in accordance with International Standards & Specifications to the satisfaction of our clients. This philosophy has been maintained since the establishment of the company that earned for itself the trust and confidence of our clients through engaging our fully experienced Engineers, Supervisors and Craftsmen who ensures the highest standards of performance in every aspect of the project is professionally accomplished.


To achieve substantial and continuous growth while delivering world-class quality products to our customers that will comply with their delivery time requirements and operations.


To provide outstanding service performance and dependable, our staff is committed to get fast response to requirements and best quality service provided to clients.


Reliability, Integrity, Safety and high Performance